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Growing your business is an exciting but challenging task, especially when it comes to managing customers, drivers, your peculiar business processes and your ever growing fleet. Costs can skyrocket without you even knowing about it just by poorly choosing which vehicle to assign a given job.

We recognized that the biggest challenge is keeping your costs under control and boosting your profits while maintaining customer satisfaction. The only way to do that is by providing you with tools that seamlessly integrate in your business processes that have a swift learning curve and are easy to master. Tools that will assist you in identifying the right vehicles for a job and sending the closest one to the location in order to be there at the right time and with the minimum consumption.

Using our system your operators will have a clear view of all pending and executing jobs, all vehicles in your fleet and their exact position on the territory. The system will become your operator's best friend in suggesting the right vehicle for a job and the fastest route for that time of day. A simple click will dispatch the vehicle with automated messaging between base and driver.

In order to achieve maximum performance, our tools will take into considerations a wide range of factors which include:

  • Job Requirements and Vehicle Specifications
    Each booking has its own peculiarities, e.g. number of passengers, luggage space, child seat, accessibility, etc. The system will ensure you send the right vehicle(s) to the job.

  • Appropriate Tariffs
    The system will automatically take into account vehicle costs (e.g. own fleet vs. contract drivers).

  • Vehicle's Current Position
    A vehicle's position is currently tracked in order to be able to dispatch the closes vehicle to the job.

  • Pending Jobs Assigned to Each Vehicle
    Each driver been assigned a series of jobs, the system will take into account the time and location of the next job before assigning that vehicle.

  • Driver's Shift
    The system automatically keeps track of your driver's shifts so that no driver will be forced to work overtime unless it's really necessary.

Be it a real time job or an advanced planning of daily dispatches, our system will assist you in achieving highly optimized operations with reduced costs, ever growing revenues and happy customers.
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