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Our tools can manage fleets that are dislocated in the territory or in different countries, with up to several thousand vehicles. Whenever a booking arrives that requires one of your vehicles in any of your fleets and territories that booking is assigned directly to your driver.

Our system will do all the computations for you so it's a hassle free dispatch system where you get all the jobs that best suit your fleet. Your operators will be immediately aware of new bookings and act accordingly.

When our system is set to work in "operator-free" mode, it will dispatch jobs to your drivers right away thus allowing them to service more customers.

Some of our system's features for your organization:
  • Worldwide, automatic assignment of jobs to fleet and/or driver

  • Management of multiple companies and fleets

  • Can operate in operator-free mode

  • Display job status and real-time tracking of vehicles

Some of our system's online features for your customers:
  • Online booking with direct payment and instant confirmation

  • Live tracking of your booking status and vehicle position

  • Automatic billing and invoicing

  • Easy access to services from PC and mobile devices (smart-phones, tablets, etc.)

With carefully crafted software, the result of years of experience in the field, we will help you improve your efficiency, lowering your costs and increasing your revenue per mile.
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