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Welcome to the internet era! Accounting has never been easier with our automated billing and invoicing systems. Drivers get paid or pay the right amount on time and automatically. Customers are billed and/or invoiced right away. Both drivers and customers enjoy exhaustive reports and billing history. We keep track of payments for as long as your company needs.

Our system allows you to set up accounts for drivers and subcontractors so that each will be able to follow their accounting and be paid automatically the right amount at the right time.

The system automatically suspends drivers and subcontractors who fail to pay their dues on time. You may set up a grace period before the suspension takes place.

You will be able to setup customer accounts for providers so that they will be able to book jobs and follow progress and billing directly online. The system will automatically bill and invoice your customers. Set up your billing cycle and let our software do all the rest.

Online customers will be able to create their own accounts so that they will enjoy easier and quicker bookings. They will also have their own jobs and payments history literally at their fingertips, updated and online with easy access from PC and mobile devices (smart-phones, tablets, etc.).

Some of our billing/invoicing features for your company:
  • Easy set-up of driver, subcontractor and customer/provider accounts

  • VAT rules for each account (VAT exempt, VAT inclusive, etc.)

  • Flexible job types for each account: airport transfers, fixed price, postcode based, metered, etc.

  • Manage fares and surcharges: booking fee, waiting time, evenings, weekends, holidays, etc.

  • Set up different fares for different vehicles in your fleet

  • Set up commission or discount rate for each account and for each driver

Some of our billing/invoicing features for your drivers, subcontractors, account customers and providers:
  • Automatically price jobs based on job type: airport transfers, fixed price, distance, etc.

  • Automatically apply surcharges based on vehicle type, booking fee, evenings, weekends, holidays, etc.

  • View updated billing history based on cycles: daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

  • Print invoices and driver statements (including driver's balance, rental, insurance, etc.)

  • Export the data to Sage, Microsoft Excel, Star Office or Open Office

Billing and invoicing have never been easier. Keep drivers and customers happy and reduce your paperwork and management costs. Now you can with our suite of dedicated accounting tools.
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